What Do Bumble Bees Eat?

What Do Bumblebees Eat

What Do Bumblebees Eat? Bumblebees are interesting creatures, not to mention important. They live in nests usually underground where the queen lays eggs and the workers forage and nurse. It’s not uncommon to wonder what bumblebees eat and that’s exactly what we’ll focus on today. The Bumblebee’s Diet As social insects, bumblebees live in a …

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Do Bumble Bees Bite?

Do Bumble bees Bite

Do Bumblebees Bite? There are insects who sting and there are those that bite, but rarely can they do both. Is the bumblebee an exception to this rule of nature? We know that bumblebees bite flowers to extract nectar, or when they gather supplies for their nest. Today we’re going to crack the mystery if …

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How Do Bees Communicate?

how do bees communicate

How Do Bees Communicate? Although bees are very intelligent creatures, obviously they can’t speak. That bee we usually see in cartoons, buzzing words out, is far from reality. Bees have, however, other ways of communicating, and today we’re going to explore those methods. Different Communication Methods Used by Bees Believe it or not, bees have …

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