How Long Do Queen Bees Live?

How Long Do Queen Bees Live

How Long Do Queen Bees Live? The lifespan of a queen bee is rather interesting. She’s the ruler of the colony. She’s also the one who lays the eggs and generally keeps order within the nest. There are, however, many questions concerning the queen. Is she really that powerful? What happens when she grows old …

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What Attracts Bees?

What Attracts Bees

What Are Bees Attracted To? Bees are an important part of our ecosystem. Because of their pollinating abilities, we’re provided with numerous fruits and vegetables that are essentials to our diets. Bees, however, can sometimes feel attracted to humans, or more precisely, our picnic baskets, but why is that? Knowing what attracts bees is important …

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Do Birds Eat Bees?

Do Birds Eat Bees

Do Birds Eat Bees? It’s a well-known fact that birds eat insects, but, do they also feed on bees? There are actually a few bird species who do eat bees. However, it’s not an easy meal for them. Bees are small and quick. They will most likely try to fight off the attacker as well, …

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What Flowers Do Bees Like?

What Flowers Do Bees Like

What Flowers Do Bees Like? Bees are often perceived as a summer annoyance—they swarm to your soda, fruit, or kids, leaving everyone scared of a sting. Although there’s some truth to this, bees have a very important job, namely pollinating. A world without bees would probably look very different from how it is now. Some …

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Pollination Process of a Bee

Pollination Process of a Bee

What Is the Pollination Process of a Bee? Pollination is one of the most crucial parts of our ecosystem. There are many insects known to spread pollen, such as butterflies and flower beetles. Bees, however, are the insects that do the most pollinating, but what is the pollination process of a bee? What Is Pollination? …

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Bee Eggs – Appearance & Characteristics

bee eggs

Bee Eggs – A Complete Guide Like any other insects, the life cycle of a bee begins with an egg. Every bee species, no matter if they’re eusocial or solitary, produces and lays eggs. The egg stage of development is over in a matter of days, when the bee inside undergoes its first transformation. How …

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How to Start a Beehive – Complete Beginner’s Guide

how to start a beehive

How To Start A Beehive Preserving the bees should be one of our priorities. Bee colonies are often being destroyed by pesticides, and the loss of their natural habitats and foraging places. One way that we can help prevent their extinction is by starting a beehive. Today we’ve put together for you a comprehensive beginners …

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Harvesting Honey From Bees – A Beginner’s Guide

harvesting your own honey

How To Harvest Honey Honey is a multi-million dollar industry, and it’s growing in popularity. With more people becoming interested in beekeeping, we’re sure to always have a delicious jar of honey in our kitchen. Harvesting honey might seem like a difficult job, but with the right knowledge, anyone could do it. How to Harvest …

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Types Of Beehives & Their Functions

types of beehives

Types Of Beehive – A Complete Guide Deciding to start your own apiary is a huge commitment; it will eventually become a lifestyle. There are many decisions to make, including size and beehive type. Many people don’t realize that you can actually choose between several types of beehives. If you’re considering getting a beehive, we …

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Do Honey Bees Sting?

Do Honey bees Sting

Do Honeybees Sting? Honeybees are perhaps the most commonplace bees on earth, but there is still an abundance of incorrect information about them out there. They have a reputation for being aggressive and territorial—and sometimes even deadly. Honeybees are not as bloodthirsty as most people believe them to be. Which of the legends are true? …

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