Best Mason Bee Houses For Your Garden

best mason bee house

Best Mason Bee Houses Mason bees are not like honeybees—they’re a solitary species rather than social. However, they are great pollinators. Many farmers actually install a mason bee house to attract this hardworking bee, who gives back by pollinating their crops. If you have a garden full of vegetables and fruit trees, then read on. …

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Best Beekeeper Suits

best beekeeper suit

Best Beekeeper Suits I’ve spent a lot of time telling you that bees aren’t aggressive, and won’t sting if you leave them alone. Unfortunately, beekeepers don’t have this luxury. While every effort is made to treat our bees with care, we handle them, and their hives, directly. Getting stung by your own bees is inevitable …

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Best Beekeeping Starter Kits

beekeeping starter kits

Best Beekeeping Starter Kits Beekeeping is a fun, fascinating, and rewarding hobby, but it can be intimidating to first-timers. It’s not exactly a matter of jumping right in whenever you feel like it. You’ll need to prepare, and you have to invest in some necessary tools of the trade. The easiest way to get everything …

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Best Honey Extractors for Bee Keepers

best honey extractor

Best Honey Extractors What the general public doesn’t realize is that effective beekeeping requires the use of many pieces of specialized equipment. From safety equipment to avoid stings to smokers to keep your bees calm, beekeeping will cost you some money. Collecting honey is perhaps the most popular part of beekeeping. It’s the fruits of …

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Best Bee Smokers

best bee smoker

Best Bee Smokers As a beekeeper, a bee smoker will likely become your best friend. Bee smokers are essential equipment or anyone working with and around bees. The smoke they emit soothes the bees, making them less likely to attack while you’re inspecting their home. It can, however, be tricky to use one, though. This …

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