When Is the Best Time to Harvest Honey?

When Is the Best Time to Harvest Honey?​

As a beekeeper, knowing the right time to harvest honey is a must. Perfect timing determines many things, including the quantity and quality of the honey you harvest. You should, therefore, watch the hive for signs of readiness for harvest.

Harvesting times also vary between commercial beekeepers and small-scale keepers, who focus on producing honey for subsistence purposes. But, irrespective of the size of your farm, you ought to understand basic beekeeping operations.

Beehive Record-Keeping: Tips and Advice

Beehive Record-Keeping Tips​

Whether beekeeping is a hobby or a business for you, regular beehive inspections are necessary. Without them, you can’t guarantee the most important thing — a healthy bee colony. However, beehive visits are useless if you don’t keep track of your observations.

Extracting Honey without An Extractor

Harvesting Honey without An Extractor​

The successful end of a honey flow is cause for celebration for any beekeeper. At this stage, there’s a supply for your bees to thrive on and enough left waiting to be eaten and sold. You’re ready to reap, but there’s only one problem — how do you get the honey out of the comb?

The way you choose to draw out honey is important as each method has trade-offs. Expense, time and damage to the colony are all considerations. Using machinery — called an extractor — to remove honey is one of the most common methods. However, it might make sense for you to opt for another approach, one that involves extracting without an extractor. 

How to Attract a Honey Bee Swarm

How to Attract a Swarm of Honeybees​

Catching or luring a honey bee swarm is a fine art. The spring season rolls in, and the anxiety comes with it. If it’s your first time catching a swarm, we have some valuable advice and insights for you.

If you’re an experienced beekeeper, but your luck has been pretty bad, there may be some things you’re unaware of. Bees are picky creatures and look for specific characteristics in their new home. Let’s delve deeper. 

How to Encourage Honeybees to Make Honeycomb

How to Get Bees to Make More Honeycomb

Honeybees carry out all sorts of tasks that are essential for the survival of the colony. One of these critical tasks is the building of honeycombs. Honeybees make honeycomb on their own naturally, to store the honey and pollen they’ve gathered. 

Usually, this occurs with little input from you, but there are a few situations that arise where bees struggle to build comb. For example, you have a weak, aging colony with no young workers to build honeycomb. No worries! There are several things beekeepers can do to encourage bees to build honeycomb at a quicker rate.