Do Bees Hibernate?

do bees hibernate

Do Bees Hibernate In Winter? Have you ever noticed that bees are a seasonal occurrence? In the spring and summer, you’ll find an abundance of them, attending to their needs. They pollinate flowers, swarming and buzzing about all over the place, as bees tend to do. When winter comes, however, they seem to disappear. Where …

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Honey Bees – Appearance, Common Traits & Behavior

honey bee

Honey Bees – A Complete Guide When someone says “bee,” I’m willing to bet the western honeybee instantly pops into mind. They’ve become the face of bees—almost as though they’re the standard for all Hymenoptera. Stinger? Check. Black and yellow? Check. Honey? Check… The western honeybee is, however, quite unique. They might be seen as …

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