Types Of Beehives & Their Functions

types of beehives

Types Of Beehive – A Complete Guide Deciding to start your own apiary is a huge commitment; it will eventually become a lifestyle. There are many decisions to make, including size and beehive type. Many people don’t realize that you can actually choose between several types of beehives. If you’re considering getting a beehive, we …

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How To Use & Maintain A Bee Feeder

how to use a bee feeder

Bee Feeders I am endlessly fascinated by how self-sufficient bees are, especially colony bees. Their system of scouting, foraging, and packing food is one that humans still don’t fully understand. It’s incredible, but sometimes it’s not enough. Every now and then, the bees struggle with a shortage in nourishment. When situations like this arise, we …

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Warre Hives – A Detailed Overview

warre hives

Warré Hives – A Complete Guide When you think of a beehive, you may be picturing the classic rectangular Langstroth hive. The Warré hive, on the other hand, is smaller than the Langstroth, but it provides a new way of beekeeping. The Warré hive is growing in popularity in North America. Many new beekeepers are …

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Feeding Bees In Winter

feeding bees in winter

Feeding Bees In Winter Even though bees are self-sustainable by producing their own food, they still sometimes require our help. During winter, you might notice that your colony’s honey supply is low. This can happen especially during particularly long, cold winters. If you do notice a low supply, it’s crucial to feed your bees. But …

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Varroa Mite Treatment For Bees

Varroa Mite Treatment

Varroa Mite Treatment For Bees If you’re a honeybee farmer, Varroa mites are a problem you will inevitably have to face, along with other interfering insects such as moths, ants and beetles. If you’re worried about your hive, or you’re dealing with a Varroa mite problem right now, don’t panic. The thought of an infected …

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