Bees Vs Wasps

bee vs wasp

Bees vs Wasps – Similarities & Differences It’s not often that bees and wasps are mistaken for each other—probably because the general consensus is that wasps are evil and if you see one you better run. Although many people are afraid of (or even allergic to) bees, they do seem to have a better reputation. …

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Bumblebee Nests

bumblebee nest

Bumblebee Nests Who doesn’t find bumblebees and bumblebee nests fascinating? Often confused with the more popular honeybee, it’s actually not so difficult to tell them apart if you know what to look for. Bumblebees are chubbier, fuzzier, and have more vibrant fur. They also make less honey, and they can sting more than once. Still, …

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