Why Do Bees Make Honey?

honey hive board

Why Do Bees Make Honey?​ Perhaps you’ve often wondered why bees make honey but you never had the time to search for an answer. Maybe the question came up just now while you were enjoying some delicious honey. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about why bees produce honey. You’ll discover …

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Why Are Bees so Important for The Planet?

Why Are Bees so Important for The Planet?​ The roles that bees play on our planet are: Global pollinators Maintain healthy ecosystems Responsible for many of our favorite crops Huge part of the global food economy Sustains livelihoods around the world Production of honey! Bees are the world’s most important pollinators of food crops, making …

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Bees Robbing a Hive: Why Does It Happen?

Why Do Bees Rob Other Hives?​ Beehive-robbing mainly occurs in the following situations: When nectar is scarce If a colony is smaller, unhealthy or queenless In poorly managed bee colonies A bee colony is a bee family focused on survival. The term “robbing” itself may sound malevolent — yet the only intent of the bees …

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Why Do Some Bees Leave Their Hive?

Why Do Bees Leave Their Hives?​ Excellent beekeepers know how to be in tune with their colonies and understand the finesse of dealing with bees. This is why it’s especially painful when one finds their colony population decreasing, and realizes that some bees have simply up and left their hive. What just happened? Why do …

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What Are Zombie Bees?

What Are Zombie Bees?​ Zombie bees are: Diseased bees A threat to bee populations Known as Apocephalus borealis The role bees play in ecology is important. They’re critical for the reproduction of numerous plants as they help plants pollinate when they go out to hunt for nectar. This is then used to make honey. Bees are …

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A Simple Sugar Water Recipe to Keep Bees Healthy

Sugar Water Recipe​ for Bees Bees are usually quite good at taking care of themselves and getting food out in the wild all year round. When you keep bees, it falls to you to make sure your bees are properly fed and have all they need to stay out of trouble.  This is especially important in …

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What Are Mason Bees and How Can You Help Them?

mason bees

A Complete Guide to Mason Bees In the recent bee crisis (or bee apocalypse, as some call it) everyone focused their attention on honeybees. While it was great to see the world unite and campaign in favor of the bees, most people campaigned for the wrong species. Honeybees were never in trouble, but mason bees were. …

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Bee Larvae: Appearance and Behavior

bee larvae

Bee Larvae After hatching from the egg, the first stage a bee passes through on its way to adulthood is larval. In this article, I’ll cover all you need to know about bee larvae. Regardless of the species, every bee starts out his or her life as a larva. You’ll discover what bee larvae look like and …

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The Complete Anatomy of a Bee

bee anatomy

The Anatomy of a Bee​ As you watch these fascinating creatures flying around your garden, dipping in and out of the flowers, are you intrigued by them and want to know more? In this article, you’re going to learn the intricate details of bee anatomy. Firstly, there are thousands of species of bee—an estimated 20,000. These …

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Bee Swarms: Knowing when It’s Time to Keep Clear

bee swarm

Swarming Bees​ Swarming bees are a sight most of us don’t want ever want to encounter. If you’d like to arm yourself with information just in case it happens to you, this article will help. I will cover why bees swarm and what goes on when they do it. You’ll also discover warning signs of …

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